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soundance skizze – Floating cultivation

Date: June 4, 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Live Stream online

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

A dancer and a cellist create an artistic sketch together through site-specific exploration in a garden colony next to a rainwater retention basin. The sound-performative encounter with site-specific choreography forges a visual-audio path – live and digitally adapted.
Residency cooperation between soundance festival berlin, Floating e.V. and the colony gardeners //
Floating Thursday digital, Online Streaming

Jasminka Stenz – dance, choreography
Gábor Hartyáni – cello, composition
Andrea Keiz – Video


Date: June 17, 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

20:30 Live Stream online

Daniele Ninarello


Composer Dan Kinzelman and choreographer Daniele Ninarello meet on a common ground for exploration: space as a place in which to exercise and transfigure the physical and sonic body, its transience and impermanence. The experimentation with sound and the body reveals the perceptive elements that make the evolution of the human figure visible. Something within each of our bodies vibrates constantly, a threat: it is chaos, the inner noise of scars and thoughts. Only dance can gradually bring these traces into the here and now, wipe the gaze clean, reestablishing peace.

Daniele Ninarello – choreography, dance
Dan Kinzelman – tenor sax, percussion, electronics
Carlotta Scioldo – Drama consultant
Production – Codeduomo and Novara Jazz
With the support of CSC Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo | Lavanderia a Vapore
Residency – CAOS-Terni (with the support of indisciplinarte and the Associazione Demetra) Fabbrica Europa
Photocredit ©Andrea Macchia


Date: June 17, 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

19:00 Live Stream online

Open Platform I

Marie Takahashi

Improvisations is a project by Yoann Sarrat, break dance, and Marie Takahashi, viola. Contrary to the title, their performance is structured. These two fearless artists are always in search of new expressions and aesthetics through the combination of break dance, viola and inspiration from their surroundings. Their title refers to this third element. For this version, the duo is featuring dancer Thieng Nguyen and performing as a trio. Due to the current global situation, this long distance trio decided to create a short film by exchanging videos and music via e-mail, which, interestingly, was their method of collaboration when they first started working together.

Marie Takahashi – viola
Yoann Sarrat – dance
Thieng Nguyen – dance

Understanding Dance for Beginners and Intermediates

Date: June 18, 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online
Understanding Dance for Beginners

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

19:00 Live Stream online

Understanding Dance for Beginners and Intermediates (in English)

This video tutorial (4 episodes) is a response to the statement “I don’t understand dance” – a sentence we encounter ever so often when moving away from the inner circles of dance lovers and dance experts. So, we attend to questions like: What do I look for when watching dance? What’s the relationship between dance, sound and music? What is there to know, and what would I like to know about dance? Understanding Dance for Beginners and Intermediates is an invitation to wonder, ponder, study, meet, and simply be in the room with dance. Let’s see how far we get. Advanced fans, advanced skeptics, professionals, and children are also welcome.

Susanne Martin – concept, performance
Gabriele Reuter – co-creation, performance
Hui-Chun Lin – co-creation, cello
Andrea Keiz – camera, video
Photocredit © David Severn

Out of the Mine

Date: June 19, 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online
Out Of The Mine

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

Open Platform II
Out of the Mine

Out of the mine is a duet based on the creation of atmospheres that evoke the depths of the earth, made of dust and concrete. Nevertheless, the piece is driven by the observation of choreographic and sound rarities – the “gold” that shines and distinguishes itself from the surrounding environment. The rarity is recognized and welcomed in order to be let go: Out of the mine does not aim to collect gold. Although appreciated for its difference, the essence of the performance remains “getting the hands dirty” for the pleasure of digging through the creation of choreography, music and voice.

Paolo Cingolani – dance, voice
Georgios Kokkinaris – double bass, voice
© Paolo Cingolani – Photo


Date: June 19, 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

19:00 Live Stream online

Open Platform II

©Tim van den Oudenhoven – Photo

CHANGE|LESS is an improvisation-based dance and music performance. The piece reflects on an individual’s life cycle, entangled and bound by the trajectories of her natural, cultural and social heritage. To what extent can we break free from the path on which we are set by biology, our ancestors, mainstream contemporary culture, or even our daily routine? Every day, every generation, every individual is different – yet the same. From a certain perspective, change might not occur at all – and at the same time, change might be the only constant. Walking in circles: ever-altering, linear, different, same circles.

Imola Nagy – movement, choreography
Gábor Hartyáni – cello, composition

Rakonto Kun, Interview

Date: June 20, 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online
Noa Zuk & Ohad Fishof_neu2

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

Rakonto Kun (Ausschnitte | Excerpts)

Along with short video excerpts from Rakonto Kun and earlier pieces, Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof offer deep insight into their longstanding collaboration. Rakonto Kun takes place somewhere in the fantasy territory of ethnographic fiction. It contains the primeval and the futuristic, as well as absurdity, sorrow, darkness, and physical intensity. Alongside the ongoing articulation of an aesthetic vision that is based, first and foremost, on human movement, at the heart of Zuk & Fishof’s collaborative practice lies the complex interaction between the ocular and the auditory.

Noa Zuk, Ohad Fishof – choreography
Ohad Fishof – music, text
Hsin-Yi Hsiang, Ori Kroll, Matan David – dance
Dani Fishof – light design
Shai Ben-Zvi – costumes
as is presenting arts – tour management
Noa Zuk, Ohad Fishof – Photo

Open Platform: Improvised

Date: June 21, 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

Open Platform: Improvised

12 international musicians and dancers explore new ways of working together.

As a result of the current global pandemic, the one-on-one creative sessions occur in person and also digitally – from Madrid, from Istanbul, from Essen. Snapshots emerge out of the improvised encounters which, when edited together into a collage, linger like the echo of a chance meeting in the distance.

Kriton Beyer – daxophone
Margarete Huber – voice, electronics
Meinrad Kneer – bass
Mattef Kuhlmey – live electronics
Paloma Carrasco López – cello
Friederike Wendorf – flute
Mouafak Aldoabl, Annelie Andre,
Cansu Ergin, Hsiao-Ting Lee,
Olivia Mitterhuemer, Romy Schwarzer – dance

Margarete Huber mit Yuko Kaseki @Marcellina Wellmer – photo

Five in Pool

Date: June 24, 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online
Five in Pool - Instant PIG

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

FIVE in Pool (dance audio drama)
Instant PIG // Stuttgart

FIVE in Pool is a daring head-first leap into an unpredictable realm of sound and movement.
Four dancers and one musician delightedly plumb the diversity of their artistic spectra together, without the audience, following strict rules to find their unpredictable piece: from abstract movement language to poetic – humorous – musical – theatrical – action.
The musicality and themes of an Instant PIG composition arise from willingness to decide spontaneously on an unpredictable role change, blurring the boundaries between responsibility for dance, music and text.

Johannes Blattner, Alexandra Mahnke, Claudia Senoner, Lisa Thomas – dance, performance, voice
Oliver Prechtl – music, composition, performance

©Johannes Blattner / Frank Post – Photo

Don`t call me my little sweet pony (Excerpts)

Date: June 24, 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online
Don't Call Me Sweetie

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

Don`t call me my little sweet pony (Solo)
Ce_real_mothers (Excerpts)

One of the choreographer’s latest fascinations, apart from the themes of trance and death, is the idea of roads. The choreographic miniature “don’t call me my little sweet pony” (solo) is mainly dedicated to wandering: a kind of internal and external journey in which it is important to perceive the passage of time – which marks the body.

Ce_real_mothers is a shared performance by a mother and daughter. “It is the culmination of a sense of what is between us. What is our own space in the communal world.” The music, composed by Anna Piotrowska’s older daughter Aleksandra, “unites our peculiar artistic triangle”.

Anna Piotrowska – dance, choreography
Małgorzata Piotrowska – dance
Aleksandra Piotrowska – music
©Krzysztof Kadis – Photo

Live Streams

Festival Trailer of video adapted pieces > trailer – soundance festival 2020 YouTube channel

On the YouTube channel soundance festival you can watch many of the live streams of the 2020 festival.

soundance festival berlin 2020

holds a mirror to the current global situation.

Within a very short time, the festival artists have re-worked the pieces they intended to perform live for streaming. Recordings made on the stage, in the city, or in their own homes merge into a kaleidoscope of dance and music – interwoven throughout with live feeds of artistic encounters from cities including Madrid, Istanbul and Tel Aviv.

The current restrictions have compelled artists to forge new paths, develop new ideas and formats, and experiment. Once again, online presentations become a source of friction. Nothing can replace physical presence on stage; nothing can replace directly and physically experiencing dance and sound with the all the senses! But: in editing the recently adapted recordings, new art emerges – as well as an astute and inquiring look at the here and now of artistic work within (urban) society.

Open Platform Improvisations

Photo: Improvisations © Aleks-Slota

Festival Program

soundance festival berlin enters its fourth round! Sounds of the viola combine with street dance, colony garden plots become a stage for a cellist and a dancer, acoustic haptics explore traces of memory. A choreographic miniature explores wandering; the Utopian language Esperanto takes us into a fantasy realm of ethnographic fiction.

Do mirrors burn? What does silence sound like? Find out in the Open Platform!

Festival Program (pdf)

Digitally Adapted

The soundance festival berlin 2020 will take place this year in a digitally adapted version!
Streamed events and subsequent artist talks will be available on the festival website at the specified time.

The festival programme of the respective day will also be shown as part of a walk-in exhibition as a screening at the DOCK11 theatre. Dates:

June 17th – June 21st
June 24th – June 27th
from 15:00 – 19:00

Guests may arrive and leave at any time.
Admission: maximum 10 people at a time.
Advance reservations are not possible.
Admission is free, donations can be made online.
Location: DOCK11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

To protect visitors and employees, DOCK11 has adopted comprehensive
hygiene and protection measures in accordance with the applicable standards of the State of Berlin.

Dranbleiben! Soundance Festivals 2020 Interviews

In three online interviews, dranbleiben (stay tuned) traces the creative tracks of selected festival artists whose performances could not be shown live during the June 2020 festival, due to the pandemic. The interviewers will ask how they continued to work artistically during this time.
How did the restrictions change their working methods and communication in the creative process?

Soundance Festival 2020 Team

  • Jenny Haack – artistic direction, production
  • Meinrad Kneer – co-curation Open Platform
  • Carla Kienz – co-curation Floating Thursday Residence
  • Helen Suhr – public relations
  • Katja Karouaschan – public relations
  • Fabian Bleisch – light design, technical direction
  • Asier Solana, Naia Burucoa – light design, light board op
  • Roy Carroll – sound
  • Hayley Glickfeld Bielman – translation, editing (English)
  • Emilia Oebel – accessibility assistance
  • Beatrix Joyce – moderation
  • Lena Drießen – layout, graphic design
  • Andrea Keiz, Yoann Trellu – camera and post processing, video documentation
  • Sebastian Klammer – website

soundance festival berlin 2020 is a project of b.arts.u – berlin arts united as a co-production with DOCK ART. soundance festival berlin 2020 is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe

Status: 03.06.2020, subject to change

Berlin Arts United

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