Mattef Kuhlmey

Open Platform: improvised

Mattef Kuhlmey, born 1968 in Berlin (east),
since 1999 working as Musician with his band ALP; several silentmoviesoundtracks i.a. „Berlin – symphony of a great city“ „Battleship Potemkin“, „The cabinet of Dr.Caligari“, several tours through Germany, Switzerland, Poland, USA

Composition/ Music for Performances with Hyoung Min Kim, Jo Parkes, Gabriele Reuter Nico and the Navigators, Deborah Hay, Jan Martens, Rabih Mroue, DanceOn Ensemble, Hans Werner Krösinger/ Regine Dura

Owner of the record label „Fortschritt Musik“;
Sounddesigner (Thalia Theater/ Hamburg; Salzburger Festspielen, Dorky Park/ Constanza Macras, Two Fish, Gisèle Vienne)

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