SOUNDANCE Festival Berlin 2018

The SOUNDANCE Festival Berlin, June 20 – July 1,2018, presents and initiates collaborations between internationally renowned musicians and dancers from Berlin’s freelance scene and international guest artists. Ten performance nights at the DOCK11 theatre, showcase 17 pieces and improvisations, which specifically highlight the interchange between musicians and dancers on stage.

Ranging from analogue to electronic, the artists research live on stage, the potential of interweaving music and dance. With its main focus on real-time composition and improvisation, the festival fosters a dialogue between sound and movement, serving as a platform for further development, networking and experimentation. Additionally, it actively supports non-hierarchical working processes and presents artists of multiple generations.

In addition to presenting the work of pre-existing ensembles, SOUNDANCE initiates new collaborations in its “Unforseen Circumstances”. The evening “(On the) Edges” showcases an extended interaction of music, dance and visual media.

An accompanying day program offers a variety of formats for exchange amongst artists and interested public:

2018 SOUNDANCE is collaborating with the Floating University Berlin to offer a one-week festival artists’ residency program, and two site-specific workshops right after the festival: Urban SOUNDANCE Workshop Lab#1 and #2

SPIKE_Christine Bonansea, photo(c)Sigel_Eschkol

Festival Program

Day Program

Mo 18.06.2018
Workshop Lab

with Lisanne Goodhue

Mi 20.06.2018
Workshop Lab

with Biliana Voutchkova

Do/Fr 21./22.06.2018
Workshop Lab

with Camilla Milena Féher

So 24.06.2018

Do 28.06. – So 01.07.2018
Improvisation and Instant Composition
/ Workshop
with Michael Schumacher

Di 3.07. – Fr 6.07. 2018
/ Workshop LAB in co-operation with Floating University Berlin
with Ingo Reulecke

Di 4.09. – Fr 7.09. 2018
/ Workshop LAB in co-operation with Floating University Berlin
with Jenny Haack and Carla Kienz

Shows & Performances

Wed 20.06.2018
/ Maria Colusi, Edgardo Rudnitzky
SPIKE / Christine Bonansea, Ah! Kosmos/ Başak Günak

Thu 21.06.2018
Unforseen Circumstances/ Sextett
/ Oguz Büyükberber, Yorgos Dimitriadis, Sunniva Vikør Egenes, Lisanne Goodhue, Meinrad Kneer, Michael Shapira

Fri 22.06.2018
/ Jenny Döll, Ute Wassermann
Trio / Josephine Evrard, Markus Pesonen, Biliana Voutchkova

Sat 23.06.2018
Elusive Beauty
/ Ichi Go, Sebastian Schunke, Diego Pinera
Stepstuned: La chambre de ma soeur / Rossella Canciello, Luca Canciello, Lino Musella

Sun 24.06.2018
/ Camilla M. Féher Ulrich, Hilary Jeffery
In Spheres / Lerna Babikyan, Korhan Erel

Wed 27.06.2018
/ Lilo Stahl, Michael Schumacher, Harald Kimmig, Daniel Studer, Alfred Zimmerlin

Thu 28.06.2018
Unforseen Circumstances/ Quartett
/ Lea Barletti, Anni Lattunen, Hui-Chun Lin, Uygur Vural

Fri 29.06.2018
/ Jenny Ocampo Monsalve, Eric Wong
JAHER – Where the spirits reside / Seema de Jorge Chopra, Renu Hossain

Sat 30.06.2018 (On the) Edges
/ Jenny Haack, Adam Pultz Melbye, Yoann Trellu
wendepunkt / Mark Coniglio, Jenny Haack, Michael Vorfeld

Sun 01.07.2018 Unforseen Circumstances
Annapaola Leso, Rieko Okuda
Gedankenflucht / Sara Simeoni, Carlé Costa

Fri 06.07.2019
in co-operation with Floating University Berlin
Jenny Ocampo, Eric Wong, Jenny Haack, Michael Vorfeld

Fri 06.09.2019
in co-operation with Floating University Berlin
mit Workshopteilnehmer*innen des Urban SOUNDANCE Lab#2


Festival Videos

Teaser Trailer 2018

SOUNDANCE Festival 2018 Trailer, Tanzforum Berlin:

SPIKE – Christine Bonansea, Ah!Kosmos
Sink – Maria Colusi, Edgardo Rudnitzky


Soundance festival 2018 fotos / (c) Cristina Marx, Michela Filzi

Soundance Festival 2018
Ute Wassermann, photo ©Peter Gannushkin


  • Christine Bonansea
  • Ah!Kosmos a.k.a. Başak Günak
  • Maria Colusi
  • Edgardo Rudnitzky
  • Lisanne Goodhue
  • Sunniva Vikør Egenes
  • Michael Shapira
  • Oguz Büyükberber
  • Meinrad Kneer
  • Yorgos Dimitriadis
  • Jenny Döll
  • Ute Wassermann
  • Josephine Evrard
  • Biliana Voutchkova
  • Markus Pesonen
  • Lerna Babikyan
  • Korhan Erel
  • Lea Barletti
  • Uygur Vural
  • Hui-Chun Lin
  • Anni Lattunen
  • Hilary Jeffery
  • Camilla Milena Féher
  • Ichi Go
  • Sebastian Schunke
  • Diego Pinera
  • Rossella Canciello
  • Luca Canciello
  • Lino Musella
  • Jenny Ocampo Monsalve
  • Eric Wong
  • Seema de Jorge Chopra
  • Renu Hossain
  • Lilo Stahl
  • Michael Schumacher
  • Harald Kimmig
  • Daniel Studer
  • Alfred Zimmerlin
  • Jenny Haack
  • Adam Pultz Melbye
  • Yoann Trellu
  • Michael Vorfeld
  • Mark Coniglio
  • Annapaola Leso
  • Rieko Okuda
  • Carlé Costa
  • Sara Simeoni
  • Ingo Reulecke
  • Emese Csornai


  • Jenny Haack – artistic direction, production
  • Carla Kienz – Festival assistence, artist communication
  • Katja Karouaschan – public relations
  • Emese Csornai, Aurora Rodriguez – light design, technical direction
  • Liz Erber – translation, editing (English)
  • Elena M. Weber, Hannah Bracht – festival assistance
  • Daniel Büche – layout, graphic design
  • Yoann Trellu – camera and post processing, video documentation

Founded 2017, the SOUNDANCE Festival developed out of the Improvisation XChange Berlin (2013 – 2016) and continues creating a collaborative platform, as well as a potential network for exchange, between dancers/choreogrphers and musicians/composers within the independent arts scene. The festival financially supports participating artists and artistic groups in the continued development of their work.

2017: SOUN D ANCE Festival
2018/19: SOUNDANCE Festival Berlin
2020: soundance festival berlin

SOUNDANCE Festival Berlin is a project of b.arts.u – berlin arts united as a co-operation with DOCK11. The festival 2018 is funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

Hauptstadt Kultur Fonds

Schweizer Kulturstiftung prohelvetia

dock11 eden

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