SOUN D ANCE Festival Berlin 2017

The SOUN D ANCE festival presents a broad spectrum of performance work from internationally distinguished contemporary dance choreographers and musicians of Berlin’s independent scene. Eight performances at the DOCK 11 theatre stage dedicate to the real-time interaction between musicians and dancers.

The festival has been especially developed to elaborate new performance projects with the focus on the dialogue between dance and music, a poetic and dynamic dialogue, rich with accidental possibilities.

Ranging from duets with a one-to-one dialogue between dancer and musician, to larger group pieces with 6 dancers and one musician on the stage, the program brings light to the diverse potentials of sound and movement in collaboration with one another. Whether experimental, grotesque, sensual, choreographed or improvised, a touching exchange unfolds between performer, instrument and space; the boundaries between music and dance disintegrate.

SOUN D ANCE provides a platform in which a discourse can develop around interdisciplinary collaborations between artists within Berlin’s independent, contemporary dance and music scenes. Moderated discussions following the performances will offer audiences a more profound view into the work of participating artists.

On the Shape of Darkness – Yuko Kaseki, Emilio Gordoa, photo(c)Anja Mueller

Festival Program

Program Overview


Festival Trailer


soundance festival 2017 photos (c) Michela Filzi, Dieter Hartwig, Cristina Marx

The Loom – MT030, photo ©Dieter Hartwig


  • Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen
  • Annukka Hirvonen
  • Sarah Jegelka
  • Justyna Kalbarczyk
  • Stefanie Petracca
  • Roberta Ricci
  • Hannes Buder
  • Emese Csornai
  • Aurora Rodriguez
  • Adam Pultz Melbye
  • Michael Vorfeld
  • Manuela Tessi
  • Mata Sakka
  • Friederike Wendorf
  • Rieko Okuda
  • Biliana Voutchkova
  • Klaus Janek
  • Lisanne Goodhue
  • Yuko Kaseki
  • Emilio Gordoa
  • Hui-Chun Lin
  • Jenny Haack
  • Maya M. Carroll
  • Roy Carroll
  • Janne Aspvik
  • Ingo Reulecke
  • Lilo Stahl


  • Jenny Haack – artistic direction, production
  • Carla Kienz – Festival assistence, artist communication
  • Katja Karouaschan – public relations
  • Emese Csornai, Aurora Rodriguez – light design, technical direction
  • Liz Erber – translation, editing (English)
  • Hannah Bracht, Nadja Pärssinen, Magdalena Weniger – festival assistance
  • – layout, graphic design
  • Yoann Trellu – camera and post processing, video documentation
  • Anne Breymann – photos, cover (English)

Festival History

Founded 2017, the SOUNDANCE Festival developed out of the Improvisation XChange Berlin (2013 – 2016) and continues creating a collaborative platform, as well as a potential network for exchange, between dancers/choreogrphers and musicians/composers within the independent arts scene. The festival supports participating artists and artistic groups in the continued development of their work.

SOUNDANCE Festival Berlin is a project of b.arts.u – berlin arts united as a co-operation with DOCK11. The festival 2017 is funded by Senate DEpartment for Culture and Europe.

Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

berlin arts united

dock11 eden

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