SOUNDANCE Festival Berlin 2019

The international celebration of contemporary dance and sound, SOUNDANCE Festival Berlin, enters its third season! From June 17th through 29th, 2019, more than 40 dancers and musicians from all over the world will transform DOCK11 into a body of sound and dance. On nine evenings of performances featuring a total of 17 pieces, analogue instrumentation meets digitally expanded art and electronics, choreography meets music, improvisation meets composition.

From a 15-minute solo to a full-length quartet, from walk-in concert-dance-performance to embodied poetry, 17 works at the SOUNDANCE Festival Berlin 2019 combine analog, digital and electronic sound, contemporary dance, and light across several generations of artists.

The 2019 Festival also breaks new ground in curating: selected festival artists participated as co-curators in a successful effort to diversify this year‘s program. During the day, interested spectators and participants can immerse themselves in the artists’ intriguing worlds of space, time and sound through personal encounters at workshops, lectures, and in conversation. Joris Camelin’s workshop, presented in cooperation with the organization tanzfähig, focuses especially on handicapped accessibility in dance and voice work.

Additional activities including workshops, Artist Talks preceding and following the performances, interviews, sharing of rehearsal sketches, a Festival Salon and a one-day symposium, invite the audience to engage in dialogue, exchange ideas and observations, and network with the festival artists.

Nastasja Štefanić, photo (c)Neven Petrovic

Festival Program

Day Program

Mon 17.06.2019
Floor, Gravity and Center
/ Workshop
Lina Gómez, Michelangelo Contini

Tue 18.06.2019
From Head to Heart
/ Workshop
Joris Camelin, in co-operation with Bernhard Richarz, Initiative tanzfähig

Wed 19.06.2019
/ Artists Talk
Lina Gómez, Julek Kreutzer, Michelangelo Contini, Bruno Pocheron, presented by Gabi Beier

Thu 20.06.2019
/ Introduction workshop to the piece
Angela Deutsch, Tanzscout

Fri 21.06.2019
Emergent Sink
und MAKURA / Interview
Maria Colusi, Edgardo Rudnitzky, Junko Wada, Hans Peter Kuhn, presented by Prof. Volker Straebel

Fri 21.06.2019
Dialogue #003
Artists Talk
Katja Vaghi, Christian Wolfarth, presented by Prof. Dorothea Weise

Sat 22.06.2019

Taking Sounds and Gestures for a Walk / Dr. Hilary Elliott
Bodies in the Making/ Dr. Susanne Martin
Da-Zwischen-Kunst/ Lisa Thomas
The Lived Experience of Improvisation/ Dr. Simon Rose
presented by Dr. Maren Witte

Sun 23.06.2019
Crash course Dance History
/ Lecture with Katja Vaghi

Sun 23.06.2019
/ Vorstellung und Gespräch, link
Jenny Haack and Sonja Augart, presented by Susanne Martin

Mon 24.06.2019
/ Open Studio sharing
Gretchen Blegen, Michael Thieke, Biliana Voutchkova, Litó Walkey

Tue 25.06.2019
/ Workshop with Rossella Canciello

Wed 26.06.2019
Sound and Movement
/ Open Studio, come and play

Thu 27.06.2019
Chaconne – Die Stadt im Klavier IV
/ Interview
Yui Kawaguchi, Aki Takase, presented by Mathias Maschat

Fri 28.06.2019
Dance Like You Talk
/ Workshop with Yui Kawaguchi

Fri 28.06.2019
Unveiled States
/ Mobile artists talk
Jenny Ocampo, Rieko Okuda, Orlando Rodriguez, Michael Vorfeld

Sat 29.06.2019
How do Dancers and musicians compose…
/ Workshop
Jenny Ocampo, Michael Vorfeld
Dance and Music Improvisation/ Workshop
Maria Colusi, Edgardo Rudnitzky

Evening Program

Shows / Performances

Wed 19.06.2019
Resonancia preverbal

Catalina Lans, Gianni Penna, Guilherme Rodrigues
Lina Gómez, Julek Kreutzer, Michelangelo Contini, Bruno Pocheron

Thu 20.06.2019

Junko Wada, Hans Peter Kuhn

Fri 21.06.2019

Marcela Giesche, Matilda Rolfsson
Dialogue #003
Katja Vaghi, Christian Wolfarth

Sat 22.06.2019
Emergent Sink

Maria Colusi, Edgardo Rudnitzky

Sun 23.06.2019 (Open Platform)
Me, viola and I

Nastasja Štefanić
Postcards from the Labyrinth
Etoile Chaville, Julian Datta
Nina de Heney, Anna Westberg
Did U Hear
Howool Baek, Matthias Erian

Wed 26.06.2019

Gretchen Blegen, Michael Thieke, Biliana Voutchkova, Litó Walkey

Thu 27.06.2019
Chaconne – Die Stadt im Klavier IV

Yui Kawaguchi, Aki Takase

Fri 28.06.2019
Unveiled States

Jenny Ocampo, Rieko Okuda, Orlando Rodriguez, Michael Vorfeld

Sat 29.06.2019
Quatuor for two dancers

Rossella Canciello, Luca Canciello, Mimi Jeong, Julien Brun
Anna Bogdanowicz, Lena Czerniawska, Paulina Owczarek

Festival Program (pdf)



SOUNDANCE Festival 2019 photos (c) Cristina Marx, Dieter Hartwig

Soundance Festival 2019
Catalina Lans, Gianni Penna, photo (c) Dieter Hartwig


  • Simon Rose
  • Lisa Thomas
  • Hillary Elliot
  • Michael Thieke
  • Gretchen Blegen
  • Matthias Erian
  • Julian Datta
  • Etoile Chaville
  • Nastasja Stefanič
  • Julek Kreutzer
  • Michelangelo Contini
  • Lina Gómez
  • Michael Vorfeld
  • Biliana Voutchkova
  • Susanne Martin
  • Lena Czerniawska
  • Paulina Owczarek
  • Howool Baek
  • Litó Walkey
  • Nina de Heney
  • Matilda Rolfsson
  • Marcela Giesche
  • Katja Vaghi
  • Gianni Penna
  • Catalina Lans
  • Guilherme Rodriguez
  • Edgardo Rudnitzky
  • Maria Colusi
  • Anna Bogdanowicz
  • Mimi Jeong
  • Julien Brun
  • Anna Westberg
  • Aki Takase
  • Yui Kawaguchi
  • Christian Wolfarth
  • Hans Peter Kuhn
  • Junko Wada
  • Emese Csornai
  • Jenny Ocampo
  • Rieko Okuda
  • Rossella Canciello
  • Luca Canciello


  • Jenny Haack – artistic direction, production
  • Meinrad Kneer – co-curation Open Platform
  • Helen Suhr – public relations
  • Katja Karouaschan – public relations
  • Emese Csornai – light design, technical co-direction
  • Aurora Rodriguez – light design, technical co-direction
  • Hayley Glickfeld Bielman – translation, editing (English)
  • Emilia Oebel – accessibility assistance
  • Cristina Marx, Dieter Hartwig – photo documentation
  • Daniel Büche– layout, graphic design
  • Katelyn Stiles, Yoann Trellu – camera and video documentation

The SOUNDANCE Festival developed out of the Improvisation XChange Berlin (2013 – 2016) and continues creating a collaborative platform, as well as a potential network for exchange, between dancers and musicians within the independent arts scene. The festival supports participating artists and artistic groups in the continued development of their work.

soundance festival berlin is a project of b.arts.u – berlin arts united as a cooperation with DOCK11. The festival 2019 was funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.
Guest perfrmance Vaghi-Wolfarth was kindly supported by Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council.

Hauptstadt Kultur Fonds

Schweizer Kulturstiftung prohelvetia

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