Date: 17. June 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online
Events 2020

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

20:30 Live Stream online

Daniele Ninarello


Composer Dan Kinzelman and choreographer Daniele Ninarello meet on a common ground for exploration: space as a place in which to exercise and transfigure the physical and sonic body, its transience and impermanence. The experimentation with sound and the body reveals the perceptive elements that make the evolution of the human figure visible. Something within each of our bodies vibrates constantly, a threat: it is chaos, the inner noise of scars and thoughts. Only dance can gradually bring these traces into the here and now, wipe the gaze clean, reestablishing peace.

Daniele Ninarello – choreography, dance
Dan Kinzelman – tenor sax, percussion, electronics
Carlotta Scioldo – Drama consultant
Production – Codeduomo and Novara Jazz
With the support of CSC Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo | Lavanderia a Vapore
Residency – CAOS-Terni (with the support of indisciplinarte and the Associazione Demetra) Fabbrica Europa
Photocredit ©Andrea Macchia

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