Date: 17. June 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online
Events 2020

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

19:00 Live Stream online

Open Platform I

Marie Takahashi

Improvisations is a project by Yoann Sarrat, break dance, and Marie Takahashi, viola. Contrary to the title, their performance is structured. These two fearless artists are always in search of new expressions and aesthetics through the combination of break dance, viola and inspiration from their surroundings. Their title refers to this third element. For this version, the duo is featuring dancer Thieng Nguyen and performing as a trio. Due to the current global situation, this long distance trio decided to create a short film by exchanging videos and music via e-mail, which, interestingly, was their method of collaboration when they first started working together.

Marie Takahashi – viola
Yoann Sarrat – dance
Thieng Nguyen – dance

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