Date: 19. June 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online
Events 2020

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

19:00 Live Stream online

Open Platform II

©Tim van den Oudenhoven – Photo

CHANGE|LESS is an improvisation-based dance and music performance. The piece reflects on an individual’s life cycle, entangled and bound by the trajectories of her natural, cultural and social heritage. To what extent can we break free from the path on which we are set by biology, our ancestors, mainstream contemporary culture, or even our daily routine? Every day, every generation, every individual is different – yet the same. From a certain perspective, change might not occur at all – and at the same time, change might be the only constant. Walking in circles: ever-altering, linear, different, same circles.

Imola Nagy – movement, choreography
Gábor Hartyáni – cello, composition

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