Five in Pool

Date: 24. June 2020
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: Screening, DOCK11 / Live Stream online
Events 2020

Online Streaming // Live Videochat

FIVE in Pool (dance audio drama)
Instant PIG // Stuttgart

FIVE in Pool is a daring head-first leap into an unpredictable realm of sound and movement.
Four dancers and one musician delightedly plumb the diversity of their artistic spectra together, without the audience, following strict rules to find their unpredictable piece: from abstract movement language to poetic – humorous – musical – theatrical – action.
The musicality and themes of an Instant PIG composition arise from willingness to decide spontaneously on an unpredictable role change, blurring the boundaries between responsibility for dance, music and text.

Johannes Blattner, Alexandra Mahnke, Claudia Senoner, Lisa Thomas – dance, performance, voice
Oliver Prechtl – music, composition, performance

©Johannes Blattner / Frank Post – Photo

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