Mari Bø

Mari Bo
Photo © Leifur Wilberg Orrason

Do 25.06.2020
Offene Plattform II:
Sound of silence
Mari Bø, Maria Ulvestad – Choreography/Performance
Gaute Barlindhaug – Composition/Performance

Mari Bø is an interdisciplinary artist working with textures and movements connected to the body. She is specifically interested in exploring nuances and facets existing within her own body, using her art as a tool to understand and challenge herself. Mari holds a B.A. in Contemporary Dance from The Norwegian College of Dance in Oslo and has studied “Gender and Equality” at the Arctic University of Norway. She has been working freelance as a dancer and choreographer, touring her work in Norway, Lithuania and Russia. Mari Bø is currently doing her MA in Fine Arts at Iceland University of the Arts.

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