David Guy

David Guy

photo © GGJazzteam

Do mirrors burn?
Whitney Casal, Brittany Davis – Dance/Choreography
David Guy – Drums/Composition


David Guy is a Danish/French drummer and composer. When he turned 18 he moved to New York City to study at the Collective School of Music. under tutelage of great mentors like Peter Retzlaff, Ian Froman, Vince Cherico, and Marko Djordjevic.

Since 2017 David has been in Europe, working mainly in Berlin, playing with a variety of groups in jazz- improvised music, funk, indie, blues, latin, as well as working as a studio musician.
Today David is touring with blues-artist Florian Lohoff, playing regularly in the Berlin jazz-scene (Pocket Monster, SEED, ÜBERBRÜDER) and recording drums for berlin-based artists.

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