Britt Davis

photo © Hagen Möller

Do mirrors burn?
Whitney Casal, Brittany Davis – Dance/Choreography
David Guy – Drums/Composition

Britt Davis is an American choreographer, performer, model and dance educator based in Berlin. Currently, she is performing and choreographing with OhOK Performance Group, directing a dance series “TanzInTents”, and teaching at BBIS and The Center Berlin. In 2019, she premiered her first evening length solo “Recollect” in Berlin with musician Marie Kruttli and illustrator Ekaterina Koroleva. Previously, she performed MONAD at the Spirit of Dance Festival in Astana, Kazakhstan, co-created “Layered” for the 2018 PAF Berlin with Anna-Lise Marie Hearn, and was a guest per-former with Chaim Gebber / Open Scene.

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