Anna Piotrowska

Anna Piotrowka

Photo: © Krzysztof Kadis

Mi 24.06.2020
Don`t call me my little sweet pony
Ce real mothers

Anna Piotrowska – Doctor of Arts, dancer, choreographer, director, contemporary dance teacher, Founder and President of eferte_Dance Development Foundation. She is founder of “mufmi” dance company in Warsaw (since 1995) and a theater producer. Since 1996 she has created over 115 performances. She is a leader of many all-polish and international educational-artistic pro-grams. She received “GOLD MASK 2016” of Silesia Region for her artistic activity in Rozbark Thea-tre in 2015. Nowadays she is Deputy Dean of Dance Department in Bytom at Academy of Theatre Art, director in Rozbark Theatre in Bytom.

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